Missionaries were my childhood heroes. They brought snake skins from the jungle, dart guns from foreign tribes, and interesting food that I had never seen before. Prior to the Discovery Channel, old fashion slide shows were my gateway to the outside world. I was impressed by the adventures that these men and women embarked on for the sake of the Gospel.

Imagining myself as a sidekick on their journey, I wondered what it would be like to be a missionary. Anticipating the day that I would fill my own passport, I began to dream about what countries I might visit. Hearing stories of the missionaries is what started it all. So, I have put together this video journal for you and your family to hear, see, and experience my journey. 

Learning language and culture

Before visiting another country, it's important to learn key words and phrases of that country's language. When moving to this culture, it's even more important to learn the language. Language school can be expensive overseas. In order to skip classes and save money, I am using these tools for learning the basics: 

making travel plans

Planning to move to another country can take years. Making small trips, to get to know the people and to see where you will be moving, may be an important part of the process. These trips don't take years to plan, but they are complicated. It usually takes me as much time to plan the trip as I will be on the trip. It took me a month to plan my last trip, which was about 3 weeks. 

(Exchange Rate- Most countries have their own type of money. Dollar bills have to be exchanged for other types of money at the airport and in banks. Most European countries use euros. Unfortunately, 1 dollar bill cannot be traded for 1 euro. When I trade my dollar, I get about .90 in euros. Some days I may get .92 euro for my dollar. On other days I may get .85.)

Travel Connections

Most flights to Europe cost between $1200 to $1700. By God's grace, we found a round trip flight for $800. However, we had to land in a different city than our destination. The plane trip took a total of 16 hours. We then took a train into Frankfurt, where we had 7 hours to kill. From Frankfurt, we took a 7 hour bus to Dresden. In total, it took us 30 hours to get from Orlando to Dresden.

More videos from the field to come, once I am able to move to Dresden.