"From the beginning, camping in Germany was unique. We packed vans and sped down the autobahn the day after Roger and I arrived. While passing pastures, wind turbines, and small towns, Anne shared that a friend of hers had been to a communist camp for teenagers around the same campground. Jeff speculated that the campgrounds had probably also been used by the Hitler youth. My mind reeled about the kind of facility we would be using. The campground, however, did not appear dark, torturous, or even suspicious. It was simple, spacious (for our purposes), and quite beautiful. Roger pointed out that it looked as if we were surrounded by Christmas trees."

DASS Camp Prep

The camp website is 100% in German. Test your own translation skills by trying to make sense of what Google translated from the camp location description:

The 18 hectare area of the forest park Grünheide, right in the Vogtland forest on a 730 meter high clearing has become in recent years the power center of the sport. The beautiful surroundings, fun and lively togetherness promise unforgettable days.
The leased area of us is a natural Tent village with own tents, with excellent sanitary conditions and a self-catering kitchen. For the sportive part we reserved several places.
The diversity of forest parks you can explore under www.waldpark.de

Now translate the Google translation of the packing list:

-When available, a tent (otherwise we help)
-Sleeping bag + sleeping mat
-Sport shoes
-In case of rain rubber boots are beneficial
-Sport clothes and bathing suit (this time we need them really!)
-Change of socks? and what you otherwise have to still change so
-Towels, beach towels
-Cutlery (forks, spoons, knives) and dishes (cup, deep and shallow dish)!!!!
-suntan cream
-Bible if available
-Musical Instruments (Please no organ...)
-if any board and card games
-if any sports balls (foot, volleyball, basketball)
-First aid kit, or medications that must be scratched out personally
-Health insurance card and vaccination certificate in a sealed envelope with your name and phone number on the outside of the envelope it. (Please pay attention to your tetanus protection!)

If you didn't know before, you know now: rain boots are beneficial, in the case of rain. Are socks optional? I will for sure bring my knife, but I may not bring socks. What is an inkstand? I will leave my organ at home this time. I'll pack my extra foot though. 

The challenges of Google translate are just the beginning of my language struggles. Speaking is, of course, a greater challenge. I am sure I sound like Yoda to the Germans who have had the unfortunate pleasure of crossing my path. Thankfully, most German teenagers already speak English much better than I could attempt to speak their language. Teenagers want to know our pop culture, our customs, and our slang (every day dialect). This opens the door for us to make a connection and to build relationships. Campers will have the chance to engage in American sports, games, and conversation. 

To you (them) perhaps hardest camp of a lifetime with physical, spiritual and intellectual challenges: 6 Hours per day sports, English to talk to Americans and to know Jesus, as you’ve never known him. Fight together, train together and learn together.